Roadless Book

ROADLESS | By Nelson Guda

One man’s journey from dream job gone wrong to a search for the last wilderness

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This is a story of roads and places without them. Not just the roads you drive your car on, but the roads that wind through our lives and careers. 

When Nelson Guda realized that he come to hate the job he had given up a dream for, he decided that he was going to go out and find the last places without roads in the US. Knowing almost nothing about what he was getting himself into, he just wanted to escape a career that had gone badly off track and lose himself in the wilderness. He had no idea that he would end up driving tens of thousands of miles, talking with lumber company presidents, ranchers and preachers, and delving into nearly all of the conflicts that revolve around our public land and how we use them.

He also didn’t know that his search for these places would land him briefly in the US Senate Building in DC and set the stage for a massive change in his own life. All he knew for certain was that he needed to start somewhere, and he needed a map.